Important GoPunt Reminder and Update: If you wish to be a part of the GoPunt action in Spring 2012

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June 3  |  News  |   Steve

Just a quick reminder to those coming up for renewal or looking

to secure a place on membership for the Spring…..

Even though you may not punt in Winter here at GoPunt we secure and lock in all our Members who wish to take part in the Spring during these¬†winter months….

We do not deal with any renewals, new memberships or changes to memberships leading up to and once Spring starts… (no exceptions).
As you can appreciate Spring Carnival is an extremely busy time of the year. All our resources and efforts are pooled and are purely concentrated on our active members only.

So please make sure you get your place locked in now so you’re set for Spring and do not miss out!

We are sending this reminder out as last year there were punters who sadly had to be turned away and were disappointed – even if you are a past member or current member who will be due for renewal – there are no exceptions – sorry – we do not deal with any new, renewal or membership payment changes throughout this period, so please – we urge you to get organised in the next 4 weeks and make sure you are fully paid up generic viagra cheap during Spring. Please do not leave things until the last minute.

We hope you understand that our active members are our priority all year round and especially during this extremely busy period.

Register your interest now…. or call us for more information¬†

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