Friday 16th March Important Update and Results….

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March 22  |  News, Uncategorized  |   Steve

42 Races rated – 10 betting races 8 winning races. Another day with some huge “overs” and a very profitable day.
It’s a real shame that there are some of you out there who remain sceptical and have not joined our service. The cost is far out weighted by both the fun and the profit you make with us. So if you are just after free tips please “unlike” the page. We are not comfortable tipping to anyone anonymously as Gambling can be a problem for some people. We are hands on group of professionals that pride ourselves on looking after our clients and not just taking their money – our staff are available anytime to meet all of your punting needs. Our methodology is not everyone’s go and some people struggle to punt the way we do but with full training most people enjoy their punting a hell of a lot more than without it! After 30 years only a very small percentage of our members follow social media but as you have seen the ones who take the time to use it are more than satisfied. So take the Punt and give us a try – We doubt you’ll be disappointed.

SWAN – QUADDIE – 8000.00 (240.00)
CANTN – QUADDIE – 1300.00 (120.00)
GBURN 2 – 7 BALTIC STAR Paid $11.00 Rated 3.70
GBURN 4 – 7 JAYKO Paid $121.00 Rated 6.80 (2nd pick) $59.00 tote
IPSWI 2 – 4 SUBSEQUENT Paid $6.80 Rated 3.80 Q-8.00 T-81.00 (i/o)
SWAN 4 – 1 ARCHIBAR Paid $6.00 Rated 4.00
SWAN 6 – 1 SIGNOR SOCKS Paid $9.80 Rated 5.00
SWAN 5 – ALLGRACEFUL Paid $5.50 Rated 3.50
CANTN 1 – 6 CALIFORNIA POPPY Paid $18.00 Rated 5.00
CANTN 2 – 4 BELTANE Paid $4.00 Rated 2.30

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